🌟 Retainer Services at Jacob Sager Consulting

Partnering for Progressive Transformation

Welcome to the retainer options at Jacob Sager Consulting, where your business narrative meets innovative Enterprise Architecture and Storytelling Strategies.

🔍 Retainer Options for Flexibility and Value:

  • 5-Hour Retainer: Ideal for short-term projects or initial explorations.
  • 10-Hour Retainer: Best for extensive work, with a discounted rate of $200 per hour.

🤝 Why Choose a Retainer?

  • Close Collaboration: Ensures priority access and dedicated focus.
  • Transparent Pricing: Standard rate of $250 per hour, with a reward for commitment in the 10-hour option.

⏱️ Work and Time Charged:

  • Diverse Services: Covering consulting, strategy, design, and more.
  • Meticulous Tracking: Transparent updates on time usage.

📞 Communication and Collaboration:

  • Responsive Contact: Available via email during business hours, with options for scheduled calls.

🏆 Commitment to Quality and Satisfaction:

  • Quality Assurance: Dedicated to the highest standards as the face behind Brand New Colors LLC.

🚀 Ready to Co-Author Your Business Success?

Select the retainer option that suits your business’s journey.

Give the banal tasks to the robots so you can do real work

I know you want to be a market leader, but in order to do that you need a strategy and structure to grow. The problem is disconnected messaging and software creates more work which makes you feel unhappy with …

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