What do prompt based AIs extend?

ChatGPT and MidJourney extend our wishes to be the oracle.

It’s funny because Oracle means two things: Mythologically, it refers to a channel of cryptic clarity from divinity; Early CompSci used the term oracle as the data added to a solve a problem.Now this is all flipped in so many ways.

As the computer gets closer to consistently passing the turing test, and can construct an oracle in response to your chatgpt prompt, now we want to become the oracle. We want to be the source of wisdom and originality for the machine.

AI-assistants support us in generating social values of wisdom and beauty. Wisdom being the highest tier on the climb from data through information and knowledge. Beauty being what we can be experienced and communicated in the world.

AI cannot take over sense-making; because they don’t have senses or experience time. While they have been taught to do the grunt work of going from data to info to knowledge, they free us to be more than that.

We built these tools to give ourselves permission to be spiritual, creative, and wise. (again).

As we enter the midjourney discord or open ChatGPT, we approach like the hero at the Oracle of the Gods, and as we Prompt, we see ourselves and create our story.