How to be original, when there are 8 Billion others

How to be original, when there are 8 billions others: A simple answer for a sophisticated age…

Long ago King Solomon supposedly said “There’s nothing new, under the sun…” then somehow, many billion births later here you are and everyone is expecting a big show…

You grow up, move around the world, try on different lives and then, at some point, through struggle, you will realize that one thing is missing: you and your voice.

…The ideas you can’t stop thinking, the movie you wanna see but doesn’t exist, the community initiative that’s so obviously gonna make things better…

Scrolling through youtube and instagram (and even linkedin) you realize something about the people you follow – they are sharing their originality, consistently, articulately, unapologetically, joyfully and with their audience in mind.

Warhol said, in the future everyone will be famous but only for 15 minutes. I’d like to tweak that, instead saying that in the age of TikTok everyone can be known by those who seek them – but they want it in format that takes less than 15 minutes to consume.

That’s where storytelling strategy comes in. Anyone can just post anywhere and measure “results,” but to change the world, you got to put on your audience and tell your story through them.

Easier said than done, and like any good story it’ll be adapted over time.

My name is Jacob, I’m an entrepreneur, producer, and I help millennial business and community leaders shape the narratives underlying their organizations, missions, and projects to draw in the right people and build the future they envision.

We do this by 1) Seeing their enterprise through their eyes and their community’s eyes, 2) Drafting an original strategy following the models of storytelling, 3) Building a Brand Story Guide with a BrandScript, one-liner, landing page, lead magnet, and follow-up sequence.

Message me if this is something that would empower your leadership.

A storytelling strategy provides direction in originality.
Develop your storytelling strategy to lead, engage, and inspire the right people,
Or fall in to the noise of 8 billion others saying something unoriginal…