Millennial Men’s Problem

Millennial men have a problem.

We know how to feel,
But are we ready
to embrace each others’ feelings?

Being reared in the shadow
Of the feeling-aware 80s and 90s,
Our masculinity is more evolved
than that of previous generations.

However the environment
has barely changed:
Men still have to callously compete
Without acknowledgement
Of other’s’ experiences
Or their own feelings…

Accordingly, we instinctively
don’t trust other men
with our truth.
So, We withhold and retreat within.

Though our peers have had the same
trans-generational upbringing
And are capable of achieving compassion,
Our genetic predisposition
as mammalian males
Leads us back to
rule or retreat
Like always…

So we don’t open up
Nor get real.

Millennial men have the opportunity
To recalibrate masculinity.

I understand that many young men
Die by suicide each year
Because they’re unclear how they’ll fit in
in a world run by an
outdated and uncaring narrative.

That’s why i want
to keep open this conversation:
That by rejecting outdated ideals
And embracing humility and compassion :
millennial men can redefine masculinity and grow into inter-generational leaders.

In order to do so, we need to:
1) own our feelings and role model it for our peers and our children
2) openly talk about the dimensions of being which were negelcted by previous generations of men
3) reconstruct masculinity to include vulnerability and compassion

Join the conversation: follow me here.

And in the meantime,
discuss Masculinity with your bros
And consider where we can grow.

So we can stop
Being sh!+¥ dudes,
And start being compassionate leaders.