The Fleeting Planetary Sabbath

The few moments the entire world is in shabbat.

On planet earth the day marches westward, followed by the night, and morning again.

Shabbat is a weekly holiday which begins shortly before sundown on Friday. It ends Saturday after nightfall, when its dark enough to distinctly see 3 stars.

It’s more than an astronomical day, by a little bit.

Friday’s nightfall moves westerly from the international date line brining Shabbat to the world.

Around 24 hours later that sunset has returned to the international date line.

At that moment the whole world is in shabbat but it’s not lasting.

Soon in that spot nightfall will overtake daylight, stars appear.
Then the end of Shabbat begins to travel around the world until everyone is deep into next week.

However, for a few moments there, the whole world was in Shabbat.
Shabbat Shalom from Austin Texas.