Feast Admist Flames Poster


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A Moment Suspended: In the heart of devastation, an intricately set dining table gleams, untouched by the destruction surrounding it. As a continuation of the “Shabbat Apocalyptica” series, this evocative piece delves into contrasts, juxtaposing luxury amidst chaos.

Vivid Imagery: πŸŒ† The glowing fires in the backdrop cast an amber hue over the detailed spread, from fresh flowers to a delectable display of confectioneries, illuminating a moment of calm amidst catastrophe.

Captivating Conversation Piece: πŸ–ΌοΈ This synthograph prompts a dialogue about human tenacity, where in the face of utter despair, symbols of comfort and celebration endure.

Embodying Resilience: 🌹 The immaculate table, set to perfection, stands as a beacon of hope, signifying life’s moments of joy that persist even in the darkest times.

A McLuhan Perspective: πŸ“š A portrayal of a society’s inner conflicts, where amidst rapid changes and calamities, there exists a constant endeavor to reclaim normalcy.

Ephemeral Beauty: πŸ•ŠοΈ This piece invites viewers to find solace in transient moments of beauty, even in the face of overwhelming odds.

  22″ x 11″ 30″ x 15″
Width, in 22.00 30.00
Height, in 11.00 15.00

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