Now, end of February 2021

I’m starting on a few projects simultaneously while working and spending most every waking hour taking care of my family.
My projects are as follows, I’m banking on some of them:

  • Salad Grapes: popularizing Cucamelons
  • Kosh Kitch: kitchen items sold in dual-colored pairs
  • JewishOrg.Info: an online directory for Jewish Leaders
  • Where is the internet? a kids book about the internet
  • Dogs are Weird/Cats are strange: kids book

My fourth child is a month old, she is showing more awake-ness.
My third child is speaking in full sentences.
My second is about to move from preschool to pre-K.
My 5 year is making puppet theaters and drawing whole worlds.

I had started my garden early in trays and had great growth.
However many of my plants died readjusting back outside.